Installing FitNesse for Appian

FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework (as quoted by its official website To facilitate (via automation) unit testing in Appian, FitNesse for Appian is a port/standalone software with customized libraries that allow individual developers to write their own test scripts that can reference specific SAIL interface components. The advantages of having […]

Scratchpad – Java LinkedList Implementation

Here are some reference notes I made for myself while exploring the Java LinkedList implementation – hope it is useful for you too! Note: Depending on your browser, you might see the stringLinkedList and its add methods being “corrupted” onto the same line. Below is what the lines look like: LinkedList stringLinkedList = new LinkedList(); stringLinkedList.add(“One”); […]

Paddle-SG: Software Architecture and Infrastructure

In this post, I elaborate further on the Software Architecture, and Infrastructure that keeps Paddle-SG up and running. I will start explaining from the lowest level (i.e. hardware), and slowly move up the “stack”. Infrastructure Setup Physical Hardware I started developing and testing the scripts on my laptop. However, for the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), […]