Post Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam Thoughts

After 4 months of preparation, I passed the CKAD exam earlier this week. The aim of this post is not to be another "how I passed" or "exam taking tips" - there's plenty of them available. Rather, I'll share my thoughts about the exam format, and how to bring one's individual competency to the next level.

Understanding Why JFrog Products Cannot Be Joined If One Is in a Kubernetes Cluster

I was intrigued by the recent update to JFrog Xray's Helm installation documentation around mid February, stating that "JFrog products cannot be joined together if one of them is in a cluster." Upon seeing this, there was only one logical thing to do - invest free time and effort to understand what is the underlying reason.

How Amazon Aurora’s Architecture Solves Scale Out Bottlenecks of Traditional Relational Databases

The casual observer would then wonder - if there are existing RDS offerings for both MySQL and PostgreSQL, why would Amazon Aurora be introduced? To understand its unique selling point, and claims for scalability and cost effectiveness, we need to look at how traditional relational databases handle scaling out.

Apache Hadoop Data Capacity Planning

Planning capacity for a Hadoop cluster is not easy as there are many factors to consider - from the software, hardware, and data aspect. Planning a cluster with too little data capacity and/or processing power may limit the amount of operations/analytics that can be run on it, while planning for every possible scenario may be … Continue reading Apache Hadoop Data Capacity Planning