Finding Postgres pg_hba.conf File

The pg_hba.conf file is the PostgreSQL Client Authentication Configuration File, aka the Host Based Authentication File. Depending on your distro/system, it may be installed in different locations. One easy way to find it would be to issue the following command from the psql command line: psql > SHOW hba_file; This command will show you the […]

Getting psql Utility on Windows CLI

I recently had to connect to a Postgres database on the network to perform some simple administrative tasks. However, the Windows machine I had did not have Postgres installed. As I only needed the “psql” utility to connect and query the database, and not the entire database engine, I was reluctant to install Postgres on […]

Inserting Unicode Characters in Postgres

If you deal with foreign country/people names, you may have characters from different sets alongside each other. Putting these characters into a database can be challenging. Below I will highlight how to do this for the Postgres Database. Assuming I have a “country” table with just one field for the name of the country, and […]

Dockerizing a MVC Web Application

In this post, I will explain how I recently “Dockerized” a standard MVC web application. This is more of a “how-to Dockerize” than a “why Dockerize” post. For my web application, I have a Postgres database, with PostGIS extension, running as the data store layer, a Nodejs RESTful API layer as my controller, and a […]

Postgres MD5 Auth Problems with pg Node Module

If you are attempting to connect to a Postgres database and face some issues, there are plenty of forum posts (e.g. StackOverflow) and likely reasons why it does not work. Some examples are: 1) not setting the listening address to be ‘*’, 2) not setting the right line in the pg_hba.conf, 3) not editing the […]