LPI Certification Level 1 Exam 102-400

I recently passed the LPIC 102-400 exam, which completes the requirements for the LPIC-1 certification. One important thing to note is that version 5 of the exam was released in Summer 2018, while the version 4 (that’s what the 400 stands for) of the exam will run until mid 2019. I highly doubt that the […]

LPI Certification Level 1 Exam 101-400

Out of pure interest and curiosity, I have decided to pursue theĀ LPIC-1: System Administrator certification by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). In this post, I would like to share more about the exam, and the resources I have used to prepare. Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertisement or endorsement of the certification program or materials. […]

Basic Linux Certification

I was initially confused between the different types of certifications when I first decided to get a Linux competency certification. I had been doing several sysadmin tasks as part of my work and thought of expanding my knowledge to do a more efficient job of it. Hopefully this guide will help. While there are many […]