Understanding Why JFrog Products Cannot Be Joined If One Is in a Kubernetes Cluster

I was intrigued by the recent update to JFrog Xray's Helm installation documentation around mid February, stating that "JFrog products cannot be joined together if one of them is in a cluster." Upon seeing this, there was only one logical thing to do - invest free time and effort to understand what is the underlying reason.

How to ssh into Containers in AWS EKS

I was experimenting how I could expose applications in AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) via Kubernetes Service resources and AWS load balancers. Out of curiosity, I also wanted to know if I could ssh into containers in EKS without using "kubectl exec" or any container runtime commands (e.g. "docker attach"). One scenario would be when I need to access the container's filesystem to extract a log/config file, but 1) I do not have EKS cluster admin role for more permissive actions, and 2) the kubectl environment is exposed via a structured CI/CD pipeline and is non-interactive. As I could not find any concrete examples/tutorials, here are my implementation setup and steps.