Docker Image: Lean Python 3.7 with NLTK

I published a new lean Docker image for Python 3.7 with the NLTK library that is only 38 MB small. It has a detailed write up with the Dockerfile attached (because you shouldn’t trust unsigned public images) The motivation was that I needed a simple Python container with NLTK, but some of the existing images […]

Creating a Development CI Pipeline for Appian

A while back I did several posts on Appian, specifically one regarding setting it up on Docker. The objective was two fold – the first was to solve an important development CI pipeline challenge, and second was to evaluate if the software was deploy-able on a PaaS (ans: yes it is, but not via the […]

Appian 17.2 on Docker

This walk-through explains how to set up Appian 17.2 on Docker. It was going to happen sooner or later 🙂 Approach I deliberated on two approaches: Lightweight containers, and have the host OS to manage the Appian components, and Heavy containers (Appian components sit within Docker image), but rely less on host OS I chose […]