Installing Appian 17.2 on Centos 7

As part of a recent project, I was provided the opportunity to evaluate Appian (a Business Process Management Suite) and how it can fit the requirements. As part of the exploratory phase, I had to understand Appian’s architecture and install an evaluation instance. This post will describe the installation steps I took to get Appian […]

Scratchpad – Learning Python

Here are some reference notes I made for myself while learning Python – hope it is useful for you ūüôā 1) General 1.1) Getting User Input nickname = raw_input(“what is your nickname? “) 1.2) Comments #Single line comment “”” multiline comment example””” 1.3) Exponential sixty_four = 8 ** 2 1.4) Useful Utility Functions len(variable) #returns […]

Data Visualizing with QlikView (Coursework)

As part of my Specialist Diploma coursework, I had to design a Data Visualization dashboard using Qlikview. The module was titled ‚ÄúData Visualization Fundamentals‚ÄĚ, and the key focus was on the visualization of data using QlikView, instead of using the dashboard to perform data analytics/sense-making. Note: this is an assignment for grading purposes. Data sets […]

Updating BIOS of ASUS P5Q SE/R Motherboard

By far, this is one of the most straightforward BIOS updates, with the update utility within the existing BIOS itself. (though if the current BIOS was corrupted, another way would be needed) Official Site of ASUS P5Q SE/R Motherboard:¬† To update the BIOS: Download and extract the latest/desired BIOS from the official manufacturer website onto […]

Updating BIOS of Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard

The Gigabyte¬†GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard was released in 2009 – do check out the manufacturer’s site for more details:¬† I got this board second hand, and¬†decided to do a BIOS upgrade so as to take advantage of some of the fixed/newer features (e.g. Wakeup on LAN, Charge Function). The board had a F3 BIOS version installed (observed […]

Updating BIOS of MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard

The MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard ( was launched in 2007. The following review is useful as background reading: Recently, I got my hands on¬†this motherboard and was experiencing some issues with the POST, specifically due to the initialization of its DDR2 RAM sticks (error LEDs read “Red-Red-Green-Red” / “RRGR”). I read the MSI forums […]