Creating a Development CI Pipeline for Appian

A while back I did several posts on Appian, specifically one regarding setting it up on Docker. The objective was two fold – the first was to solve an important development CI pipeline challenge, and second was to evaluate if the software was deploy-able on a PaaS (ans: yes it is, but not via the […]

Apache Hadoop Data Capacity Planning

Planning capacity for a Hadoop cluster is not easy as there are many factors to consider – from the software, hardware, and data aspect. Planning a cluster with too little data capacity and/or processing power may limit the amount of operations/analytics that can be run on it, while planning for every possible scenario may be […]

Lessons Learnt from Script Automation

Here are some take away lessons (I learnt the hard way) when automating scripts/programs: Plan to Fail Elegantly Things may flow perfectly for now, but when something does mess up later on (e.g. a third party service becoming unavailable), the code should be able to respond and/or fail gracefully. The effort required to do this […]

Benchmarking an API’s Response Time

In order to provide response time estimates for an API service, I used two tools, namely Postman (a third party application), and cURL. The latter was used because it gave a more accurate time estimate. Target API Server REST API server powered by Node.js and the Express Web Application Framework Runs on free public tier […]