Updating the Firmware of Aztech DSL1015EW(S) Wireless Router

While searching for its user manual, I discovered that Aztech has a similar retail model called DSL1015EN(L), whose latest firmware on their site is compatible with the DSL1015EW(S) router. The former's firmware, though of smaller major version, is less restrictive and has more generic settings - like having the factory default SSID prefixed with "Aztech". This post talks about how to go about updating the firmware and logging in.

Setting up a JFrog Artifactory 7 and Xray 3 Sandbox in AWS Using minikube and Helm Charts

The JFrog Artifactory and its complementary suite of tools is well known across the industry. As part of a certification preparation, I wanted to find out more about how it is administered. This post is how to install JFrog Artifactory 7 and Xray 3 using Helm Charts in an AWS EC2 instance.

How Amazon Aurora’s Architecture Solves Scale Out Bottlenecks of Traditional Relational Databases

The casual observer would then wonder - if there are existing RDS offerings for both MySQL and PostgreSQL, why would Amazon Aurora be introduced? To understand its unique selling point, and claims for scalability and cost effectiveness, we need to look at how traditional relational databases handle scaling out.

Install and Setup Graphite on Ubuntu Server 20.04 via APT Repository

Installing and setting up Graphite App on Ubuntu Server 20.04 via the apt repository is not as straightforward as it seems. In this post, I walkthrough the various steps to standup a single Graphite node (via apt repository packages) on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 20.04, as well as some of the expected errors and their solutions that one would encounter.