Windows Batch Script – Rename/Prepend and Change Extension of Files

I’m sharing a simple one liner Windows batch script to rename/prepend the filename, and change the extension of files (that match a pattern) within a folder. I take no credit for this script, as I was inspired by the post found on Stack Overflow here: The script is as follows: for %%f in (*.html) […]

Late Night Coding – Ternary if Operator

Midnight coding often results in weird/roundabout logic, such as the one expressed below. It is a snippet from a simple REST API server that uses Nodejs and the Express framework. (‘/dashboard’, function (req, res) { var reqBody = req.body if (reqBody.hasOwnProperty(‘transactionID’) && reqBody.hasOwnProperty(‘errorCode’)){ res.status(reqBody.errorCode).json(ErrorHandler(reqBody.transactionID, reqBody.errorCode)) }) function ErrorHandler (transactionID, errorCode) { if (errorCode == […]

Installing FitNesse for Appian

FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework (as quoted by its official website To facilitate (via automation) unit testing in Appian, FitNesse for Appian is a port/standalone software with customized libraries that allow individual developers to write their own test scripts that can reference specific SAIL interface components. The advantages of having […]