Updating BIOS of Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK (11″ Screen Size)

Another straightforward BIOS update – simply download the driver from the official Lenovo site, double click, and you’re done! Official Site for Lenovo Yoga 700 11ISK: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-700-11isk/downloads. The latest version I downloaded was v1.10, released on 30 Oct 2016. The BIOS update will reset all configurations to default, and you may encounter the following error after rebooting: […]

Overview of Storage Offerings on AWS

Although Amazon Web Services (AWS) is most known for its EC2 offerings, it has a full range of products from Database-as-a-Service, to IoT, and to Storage. In this blog post, I will provide a brief layman overview of the Storage offerings on AWS based on notes I wrote previously. Disclaimer: this is not a technical post.  […]

TeBaC-NET Design Considerations

In my previous post on TeBaC-NET, I talked about the reason why I created it. In this post, I talk about why I created it the way it is. Design Considerations #1 Cross Platform One of the most important consideration is that it should be platform agnostic. A simple tool that can run on any […]

Text Based Custom Named Entity Tagger (TeBaC-NET)

I was recently exploring spaCy for some NLP work, and found that the default model was not sufficient for tagging entities in the domain I was exploring. The documentation was very helpful in explaining how I could train the statistical model of the named entity recognizer, but I needed training and evaluation data. While I could […]

Logging in Java Applications (Using java.util.logging Package)

Having a logging component within a library or service (especially in a microservices architecture) is useful to the downstream applications that use it. When properly set up, it allows them to choose their own logging implementation, and level of verbosity, without having to recompile the code. While there are many different logging implementations (e.g. log4j, […]

Late Night Coding – With and Without Git Rebase

Typical code repositories usually have the following branches (with multiple synonyms): master/production – a version of code that your actual customers use beta – a version of code that is used for UAT or just A/B testing alpha/pre-release – a version of code used for end-to-end and/or integration testing development – a version of code […]