Enabling VirtualBox Host-only Adapter on Mac OS X

Host-only Adapters in VirtualBox on OS X do not work right out of the box – some simple configuration is needed. This post provides a quick walk-through to get it up and running.

Creating a Host-only Network in VirtualBox

  • Launch VirtualBox and click on “VirtualBox > Preferences” on the Menu Bar (Or press “Command” + “,” )
  • Click on “Network” tab
  • Click on “Host-only Networks” sub-tab
  • Click on the “+” button (i.e. Adds new host-only network)
  • This will create a host-only network called “vboxnet0”
  • Close the Preferences window

Enabling Host-only Adapter on Virtual Machine

  • Open the Settings window for the desired Virtual Machine
  • Click on “Network” tab
  • Select the desired adapter
  • Select “Host-only Adapter” under the “Attached to:” drop down list
  • Select “vboxnet0” under the “name” drop down list


Fire up your VM and you should see the new network adapter being added. You may need to manually enable/”up” your interface for the first time.


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