Updating BIOS of Acer EG31M V.1.0 (from Veriton M460)

The Acer EG31M V.1.0 motherboard is a custom made board for the Acer Veriton M460 desktop.

To update the BIOS:

    • Obtain AFUDOS.EXE from another motherboard’s BIOS update files and put it into the bootable USB drive
      • AFUDOS.EXE can be executed from from the command line, while AFUWIN.EXE will require the Windows Operating System
    • Boot from USB and navigate to the folder from Step 2
    • Execute the following command:

You should replace the filename “KR90525” with the BIOS filename downloaded in Step 1

The expected output of AFUDOS will be similar to the one below:

|            AMI Firmware Update Utility Ver.4.08p                 |
|  Copyright (C)2006 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved. |
- Bootblock checksum .... ok
- Module checksums ...... ok
- Erasing flash ......... done 
- Writing flash ......... done
- Verifying flash ....... done
- Erasing NVRAM ......... done 
- Writing NVRAM ......... done
- Verifying NVRAM ....... done 
- Erasing Bootblock ..... done 
- Writing Bootblock ..... done 
- Verifying Bootblock ... done 

(computer restarts after the last step is completed)

You should be able to verify the new firmware version under the BIOS screen.

After the computer boots, it will mention that the CMOS checksum is bad, and it prompts to enter the BIOS to reset state. Press <F1> to enter and select “Load Optimized Defaults”, and reboot the machine.


You’re done! Hope it isn’t too old a technology that no one is interested in.



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