Updating BIOS of Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard

The Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard was released in 2009 – do check out the manufacturer’s site for more details: http://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-G41M-ES2L-rev-14#ov

I got this board second hand, and decided to do a BIOS upgrade so as to take advantage of some of the fixed/newer features (e.g. Wakeup on LAN, Charge Function). The board had a F3 BIOS version installed (observed during POST), and the latest version is F9 (from manufacturer website). This board uses the Q-Flash utility to update the BIOS.

This post talks about my BIOS flashing process. Please note that this is a sharing – I will not be responsible for any damage or loss of functionality that may result from your process.

TL;DR Summary:

  • Download the BIOS version and extract BIOS files onto a USB drive with a simple file system like FAT/FAT32 (I used BIOS version F9, and my file was named G41MES2L.F9)
  • Insert USB drive into USB port and Start/Reboot the motherboard
  • Press <Del> to enter the BIOS
  • Press <F8> to enter Q-Flash utility
  • Optional: Select “Save BIOS to Drive” to save a copy of the current BIOS to USB drive (took me a minute using Core 2 Duo E7500 processor)
  • Select “Update BIOS from Drive”, and select the new BIOS version
  • Reboot system when complete


Step 1: Download Latest/Desired BIOS Version, and Extract Files

Download the latest/desired version from the manufacturer’s website, and double-click to extract the files within it.

Copy/Extract the files into a USB drive with FAT32/16/12 file system. Q-Flash requires this file system on the drive in order to read from it.

Step 2: Navigate to Q-Flash Utility

Insert the USB drive into the target motherboard, and reach the Q-Flash Utility by rebooting/restarting system, pressing <Del> during POST to enter BIOS, and <F8> at BIOS screen.

Step 3: Save/Update BIOS to/from Drive

Optional: Save a copy of the current BIOS into the USB drive by selecting “Save BIOS to Drive”

Select “Update BIOS from Drive”, and navigate the USB file system using the arrow keys and <Enter> key. Select the new BIOS file and press <Enter>

The BIOS file will be loaded into memory, and a prompt will appear to confirm the update of BIOS. Select to continue with the update.

The update process will start and will go through the following phases:

  • Erasing BIOS Now
  • Updating BIOS Now
  • Verifying Now

Upon successful completion, Q-Flash will show “!! Copy BIOS completed – Pass !!”

At this stage, you can choose to power off or reboot the machine. During the subsequent POST, you can see that the BIOS version has been updated.



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